About Us

Pera is an international company with a solid position in the world market in worldwide shipping, industrial and offshore supplying.

We ensure that our clients’ needs are met in the most convenient manner via the provision of our full services and delivery processes.

Our Values

 Integrity: We are proud that we have made a solid company which can handle all aspects of international shipping.

 Customer Orientation: Our customers are the focus of our business. Feedback from our customers is essential. We use the each and every feedback at all times and on all fronts for continuous improvement in our co-operation.

 Flexibility: Each customer is unique and with this in mind, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, we have the flexibility to meet different customer preferences and needs. We are able to act quickly and effectively as and when necessary.

 Results Orientation: We are fully focused on meeting the desired end results and show commitment until the end results are achieved.

 Decisiveness: We are willing to make critical decisions during difficult situations especially when time is of critical importance.